Secrets To Applying Makeup Like A Professional

Celebrities always seem to have the prettiest, most expertly applied makeup on the Red Carpet, and this is all thanks to their personal makeup artists that accentuate their best features. The art of applying makeup cannot be learnt overnight, but these professional tips will guide you in the right direction to applying your makeup expertly.

Don’t wear too much makeup

Makeup must be used to enhance your best features and play down your least favorite features. Here are some common makeup mistakes that you should avoid:

  • Foundation- must be the same color as your skin tone, blended well and not applied too thickly.
  • Face powder- must be used sparingly and blended well.
  • Mascara – too much will look fake and “drag queen” like. tienda de maquilla Bogota
  • Eyeliner- too much or too dark eyeliner looks overdone.


Makeup for your Lips

If you want long lasting lipstick, apply lip liner over the lips and then apply your lipstick. Never apply lip liner beyond your lip line, even if you want your lips to appear fuller. If you have full lips and want to make them look thinner, apply the lip liner to the inside of your lips.

Makeup for the occasion

You shouldn’t be wearing the same makeup to a nightclub as to the beach or the mall. Apply your makeup according to the occasion, lighter makeup for the day time and darker for evening or night.

Keep it natural

You should wear makeup color that compliment each other and do not clash against your skin tone. Dark hair and skin look best in dark colors while light skin tone and hair look best in light colors.

Too little or no makeup

Don’t afraid to wear makeup, if you don’t know how to apply makeup well, practice with different makeup looks and see what suits you. Start with light makeup and as you become more comfortable with applying makeup, go darker. If you are completely lost, foundation and lip gloss and a good start, then go on to using mascara and blusher and eventually eye shadow. Remember you can still look natural with makeup on; you don’t have to over do it to look good.

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